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The Pinnacle Law Group aims to be the preeminent full service law firm in south Florida. Pinnacle aims to serve its clients’ diverse needs, with practice groups in litigation, real estate, criminal law, entertainment law, and corporate law. Pinnacle serves all of Florida with a focus on Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. Pinnacle’s attorneys have experience working for The White House, Securities and Exchange Commission, United States Attorney’s Office, State Attorney’s Office, and in the private sector. Pinnacle’s attorneys have successfully represented clients across the country and offer representation in both state and federal courts across the country.

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Criminal Defense Lawyers in South Florida

As an accused, you want the best criminal defense lawyer you can get. Someone who knows the law inside out. An attorney who will stand up for your rights. And someone who will fight tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome in your case. While all criminal lawyers are qualified to provide basic legal representation, not all of them have the experience or expertise to handle more serious cases. So how do you find the right criminal defense lawyer for you?

What are DUI/DWI Laws?

Every state has laws that make it a crime for motorists to operate a vehicle while impaired. This includes alcohol, drugs (both prescription and illegal), and any other substance that may impair your ability to drive safely. The offense may be called DUI, DWI, OUI, or a similar term, depending on the state. Upon conviction of a DUI, most defendants will face some sort of criminal sentence and have their driver’s license suspended. Your lawyer may be able to help you get your driving privileges back with restrictions, like using an ignition interlock device or receiving limited permission to drive to and from work.

criminal defense lawyers

What do criminal defense lawyers do?

Criminal defense attorneys do everything in their power to research the facts of the case, investigate the evidence against their clients, and try to negotiate deals with prosecutors. This might include reducing bail, reduced charges, and reduced sentences. Criminal defense attorneys play many important roles in the criminal justice system. They interview witnesses, help formulate a plea, analyze the prosecutor’s case, assess the potential sentences, review search and seizure procedures, question witnesses, and gather evidence.

Types of cases criminal defense lawyers can help with

There are many different types of criminal cases that a criminal defense lawyer in South Florida can help with. Some of the most common cases that these lawyers deal with are DUI cases, drug possession cases, and theft cases. However, there are many other types of criminal cases that they can help with as well. Some of the other types of criminal cases that a criminal defense lawyer can help with include assault cases, homicide cases, and white-collar crime cases. If you are facing any type of criminal charge, it is important to consult with a lawyer who can advise you on the best way to proceed.

How to find the right criminal lawyer in South Florida?

When someone is charged with a crime, the first thing they usually do is panic. This is when they need to start thinking about hiring a criminal lawyer. The problem is that there are so many criminal lawyers in South Florida, how can you find the right one for you? The first step is to do some research. Look for lawyers who specialize in the type of crime you have been charged with. Here at Lawyer Connection, we tend to provide the best criminal defense lawyers in South Florida.